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GIO published; gets targeted tools

Our customised version of Galaxy, GIO, with added support for proteomics and PIT (proteomics informed by trancriptomics) workflows recently made it into Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. We’ve subsequently added a bunch of tools for designing targeted proteomics experiments- head over to GIO to try them out and check out the associated workflow and tutorial.


mzQuantML data standard published

The mzQuantML standard format for representing the results of quantitative proteomics experiments has been published in Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. This HUPO-PSI initiative should make it easier to exchange quantitative proteomics data between groups, between software, and should ultimately increase the quantity of publicly available quantitative proteomics data.

We contributed to this effort by testing and refining the standard as we built support for it into our x-Tracker tool, and are participating in the development of the mzq-lib library of software designed to simplify mzQuantML uptake in the field.

mzQuantML paper at MCP

A detailed insight into mzQuantML

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