About i-Tracker

Our current tool for quantitative proteomics is X-Tracker, and we strongly recommend you use that for any iTRAQ work, either via the command line or via the ProteoSuite interface. However, due to continued requests for our previous i-Tracker software we also make this available here.

Get i-Tracker

i-Tracker is contained within a single zip file (i-Tracker.zip). Click here to download it.

The package contains the following files:

  • i-Tracker User Instructions and Readme.pdf – containing all instructions needed to run and test i-Tracker.
  • i-TrackerWin.zip – the i-Tracker software as a Windows executable, tested on XP.
  • i-TrackerPerl.zip – the i-Tracker software for all Perl distributions, note that some additional modules are required.
  • TestData.zip – a collection of test files and their i-Tracker outputs.
  • A plain text copy of the GNU General Public Licence under which this software is supplied.

If you use i-Tracker for published work, please cite the BMC Genomics paper that describes i-Tracker.